Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I can't believe I haven't posted in forever. This is Emme by the way. I wanted to make a post because it has been so long since there was one. We have our first owned house and the other day we set up the trampoline we have had since Coos Bay.
This is our awesome trampoline.

The other day I took this awesome picture to show my friend and this is it.

Anyway we got a awesome trampoline and we love it.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Surprise, I'm going to eat you.

There is no question that Leona just might be the nuttiest girl ever. Today, during lunch, she was talking to her sandwich, which consequently was cut into triangular quarters. Apparently one of the quarters had been given a name, Ayla, and it just so happened that it was Ayla's birthday. To celebrate,Leona was throwing her a surprise party in which, as she ate the other three pieces of her sandwich, she would whisper to them about how she was going to surprise Ayla by eating her last. Finally, the other three triangles were devoured and the moment arrived. Without too much fanfare she said surprise and took a big bite out of the birthday girl. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get photo documentation. You'll just have to settle for a random Leona picture. 
 Sure love that crazy girl!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh my goodness... a new post, can you believe it?!

It's amazing the lengths I'll go to to avoid doing housework and other things that I should be doing.  I'll obviously even go as far as bringing back from the dead this tired old blog.  I highly doubt that anyone even reads it anymore, but I still look at it daily to get to my friends' blogs so it could use a  face lift of sorts.

Life is going relatively well here in Coos Bay.  Dan recently had some staffing changes at work that will be a huge moral booster for him and make his overall work environment much healthier and more positive.  I think ultimately these changes might make it more plausible that we stick around in Coos Bay for the indefinite future.  We've thrown around the idea of purchasing a home here, but ultimately decided (due mostly to our lack of funds and excessive school debt) that renting is our best option for a while.

The kids are enjoying school, it's been a fast school year.  I can't believe that Emme is going to be a 5th grader and that Leona will be starting kindergarten.  It's super cliche, but crazy how fast time really does go.

We recently bought a trampoline (thanks to my 5K win) and the kiddos have spent every spare second that they can on it.  Even Euan is a big fan.

Today is super rainy and cold.  I don't mind the rain, sometimes I even look forward to it, but on days like today I have trouble finding my motivation.  More than anything I'd just like to curl up in my jammies with a good book and some hot chocolate and forget that I'm responsible for anything.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hi this is Emme I finally get to post on the blog again, it has been a long time! I bet you can't guess what                    
I'm writing about....THAT'S  RIGHT IT'S  moving! It's going to be so fun because we are going to be in the same town my dad grew up in ...Coos Bay! There's a really really really really awesome park!The best part is that my school's mascot is the sunset dolphins! I also almost  went to the same school that my dad went to!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vote for my mom...

I entered my mom into a giveaway on Facebook for some goodies from iFitness.  If you have a chance and wouldn't mind helping her win, please click right HERE and vote for her.  Thanks,  she is really deserving!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I was just looking back over some pictures of the last 4 years.  It never hurts to be reminded how quickly time passes.  I sure love my kiddos...

Friday, September 30, 2011

It's alive...

this blog is still alive....  Not really.  It's pretty dead.  It's working on a year since it was last updated.  Can't really say I'm updating it now but I thought I'd say something on it because I felt so bad for it sitting here all lonely and waaaaaaay out of date.  I'd like to give some great promise of how I'm in the mood to turn over a new leaf and bring life back to it on a regular basis, but honestly that probably won't happen.  We'll see.

Emme had a soccer match today.  She played really well, but they lost 2-1.  She got to be the team captain, though which was pretty cool.  She went out to the center to meet with the ref and then had to read the code of conduct to the parents/fans.

Leona and Jonny had fun playing their own soccer game...

until Jonny discovered the puppy.  That kid loves, loves, loves dogs.
Calvin spent his time split between sulking that his good buddy Trevor wasn't there and cheering on Emme's team.  Pobre cito.

And that was our evening.  Dan wasn't able to get off work early, so he missed the match, but had the table all set and ready for us to eat when we walked in the door.

So, there you have it.  The first blog post on this blog in a very, very long time.  It even had pictures.  :) Probably will be a while before the next one, so don't get your hopes up that it will be an every day occurrence.  It's amazing the things I'll do when putting off going to bed.